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MDLS, Inc (Maryland Landscape Supply)
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 374 reviews
 by Google Review by Alan A.
Great experience
City & State: Elkridge, MD

First time purchase of shredded mulch. Great experience from my phone call beforehand to the load out of my pickup. Special shout-out to Alexis for her professional customer care. I will be back for more materials soon!

 by Google Review by Janet G.
Very pleased
City & State: Laurel, MD

High quality mulch and service! Our driver, Ennis, handled the delivery beautifully and dumped the mulch exactly where we wanted it. Very pleased! Thank you!

 by Google Review by Joan E.
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Just had a delivery from MD Landscape and Ennis was GREAT! Prompt, kind and the stones and soil neatly arranged on my driveway! Definitely ordering again.

 by Google Review by Lasia B.
This company has been excellent
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

Purchased six yards of garden soil and it was delivered the next morning. Dark, rich, most, fragrant product with great texture. From the first call to the end of the delivery, this company has been excellent and much better than other companies I considered. Keith called ahead to let me know he'd arrive soon. I have overhead power-lines and he navigated the drop-off like an expert, avoiding the power-lines and getting the drop spot location perfect. Keith was professional, punctual, friendly kind. As long as the soil performs well I will be sticking with MD Landscape Supply for all my bulk soil, rock and mulch needs.

 by Google Review by Nik
Very positive experience
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I had a very positive experience. I decided to do a last minute fire pit project. My truck driver, Ennis, arrived much earlier than I was told she would. She told me she wanted to take care of me and I appreciated her thoughtfulness and kindness. She was a friendly face who made this whole process very smooth. Would recommend her and this company to anyone doing small projects around the house

 by Google Review by George S.
Fantastic experience
City & State: Catonsville, MD

Fantastic experience. Delivery was next day for 2.5 tons of 57 stone. The driver (Ennis) was great. Called ahead, arrived exactly when she said she would, very polite, helpful and friendly.

 by Google Review by Yinka A.
Highly recommend
City & State: Fulton, MD

The hype is real! I ordered brown mulch and Play-Matt after reading all the wonderful reviews. Here’s my experience broken down into three simple categories.

The Process: You have to place order over the phone. They have a very simple but detailed website that guides you through the process and help determine how much material you need. They also provide help over the phone.

The People:
The phone lady was very nice and helpful. I had to call in to reschedule and she was able to help with no charge. FYI, it cost $25 if product is already loaded on the truck, so call ahead if you need to reschedule. The truck driver, Ennis, was amazing as well. She called ahead to notify me of her ETA. She was very professional and courteous. She had a smile on her face the whole time while constantly checking in with me to make sure I was happy with the delivery.

The product: I am impressed with the quality, it’s exactly what I expected. I’m not a professional landscaper but I’ve been buying mulch for years, this is arguably one of the best product I have ever bought. My landscaper asked me for their number so he can order for his customers.

I highly recommend this company.

 by Google Review by Mike W.
Great job
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Your driver (Rob) did a great job of putting the stone on the plastic while staying on the paved area. Thank you

 by Google Review by Rachel K.
Couldn't be more pleased
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Just got a huge delivery of Mulch. Ennis was amazing! She called to let me know she was heading my way, and then again when she was almost here. Once here, she drove that massive truck like a pro, place the mulch precisely where I asked. I couldn't be more pleased. It was also clear she enjoyed her job. Kudos to MLS to hiring such an awesome woman.

 by Google Review by Ken W.
Very happy with mulch delivery
City & State: Olney, MD

Very happy with mulch delivery. Called in the morning, delivered that afternoon. Driver (Ennis) called and provided an accurate ETA, then handled tricky overhead power lines with no problem. Good quality mulch, reasonable delivery charge.

 by Google Review by Thomas H.
Perfect job
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

Appreciated the ease in placing the order, and the quick next day delivery. Ennis gave me a call 10 minutes out and did a perfect job placing the mulch exactly where I needed it to be on my driveway!

 by Google Review by Colby T.
Extremely helpful and kind
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Extremely helpful and kind. Ennis was amazing to have!!!!

 by Google Review by Jason L.
Service was excellent
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Service was excellent. Keith let us know when he was on the way and sent pics upon delivery. Highly Recommend.

 by Google Review by Brian S.
Very courteous and professional
City & State: Beltsville, MD

In an age where customer service is often absent from the landscape (haha), MLS is the rare exception and most appreciated ! Communication during the sale, coordinating delivery, and then The Awesome Ennis the Superstar delivery lady !!! Ennis was very considerate of precisely how i wanted the two different materials unloaded, and she expertly placed the materials perfectly. Plus she is very courteous and professional with a great attitude. Well done Ennis and team MLS. MLS is my go-to supplier for mulch, soil, stone and firewood - no reason to look elsewhere!

 by Google Review by Kathleen C.
City & State: Elkridge, MD

My mulch was just delivered and Miss Ennis was meticulous about watching out for my trees and yard! She was wonderful!

 by Google Review by Brenna B.
Very nice and efficient
City & State: Severn, MD

Ennis dropped off soil and firewood this morning. She was very nice, efficient, and put everything exactly where I asked for it to go. She also called and gave a heads up on the dropoff time.

 by Google Review by Theresa M.
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Ennis was excellent. I have a difficult driveway and she navigated with expertise. She was friendly and polite. I give her five stars.

 by Google Review by Lyle A.
Delivered on time and in the right spot
City & State: Clarksville, MD

Tykisha Ennis was very nice, delivered on time and in the right spot. TY

 by Google Review by Richard T.
Great service
City & State: Beltsville, MD

Great service! Seamless from ordering to delivery. Scheduling was easy and delivery was fast and on time. Keith dropped my stone exactly where I asked and even sent me a text picture (I wasn’t home) when he was done.

 by Google Review by Kyle L.
Very pleased
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I feared I would not be able to receive gravel when a local nursery driver left my property concerned with the slope. Not only did Johnny deliver when others could not, he also deposited the stone exactly where I needed it to be placed further up the pathway AND communicated via detailed iPhone messages throughout the entire process. Very pleased with this order and I certainly will be contacting MLS for more inquiries. Ask for Johnny!

 by Google Review by Ryan B.
Customer service was excellent
City & State: Sparks, MD

I had two tons of dirt and 10 cubic yards of mulch delivered to my home by Johnny who was great! He delivered everything early and his customer service was excellent! The whole process from ordering to delivery was seamless. I would definitely use Maryland Landscape Supply again for my landscaping needs.

 by Google Review by Lauren G.
Highly recommend
City & State: Columbia, MD

MD Landscape Supply provided outstanding service today! Ennis (apologies if misspelled) delivered garden soil promptly and with great care, even navigating the challenging backroad to drop it off right outside my gate. Her friendly demeanor made the experience even better. I highly recommend MD Landscape Supply for their excellent service, and kudos to Ennis for her professionalism and friendly attitude!

 by Google Review by Cat R.
The absolute best experience
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Had the absolute BEST experience w this company today! Brianna Ennis delivered the stone, she was punctual, professional, courteous and super knowledgeable! If I had a company, I would hire her in an instant!! Very happy.

 by Google Review by Anita H.
The whole process was a breeze
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I just ordered and received five tons of number 57 bluestone from Maryland Landscape Supply and the whole process was a breeze! The front desk staff was professional and pleasant, and the delivery driver Ennis was a delight. She worked with me to place the stone where I wanted it and was very friendly. The stone looks great! I would definitely order from them again.

 by Google Review by Kari M.
Highly recommend
City & State: Chevy Chase, MD

Great assortment of rocks. Ethan and his crew was amazing and helped us load everything into our SUV. Highly recommend this place.

 by Google Review by A Fenner
Was met with professionalism and expertise
City & State: Bethesda, MD

Just had an excellent first time experience with Maryland Landscape Supply. From the morning I called to place the order to the moment the stones were delivered (surprisingly the very next day), I was met with professionalism and expertise. Alexis took my order quickly and even reassured me when there was an unexpected snafu (on our part) and I called back, concerned that I would miss my delivery window.

Ennis, our delivery driver, was pleasant, courteous, and showed both skill and precision when she deposited our order. Our house is the last one on a dead-end street with too many cars parked on it. Ennis was able to expertly navigate this obstacle course and drop our load quickly and efficiently. She was also very cordial and took care not to drive onto anyone's yard or destroy any landscape. That is a feat that few truck drivers have been able to accomplish on our narrow street.

I commend Ennis on her driving skill, her professional interaction with customers, and her attention to detail to the job at hand. I will most certainly order from MD Landscape Supply again.

 by Google Review by J S
Will definitely be returning for more services
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Called this company on Wednesday and they were able to delivery 5 cubic yards of woodchips the very next Saturday. Really good customer service over the phone and their Driver Ennis displayed a ton of courtesy and professionalism even in the pouring rain. Product is exactly what we asked for and it was fairly priced -- looking forward to mulching my garden and will definitely be returning for more services as needed in the future.

 by Google Review by Sean P.
City & State: Damascus, MD

The driver, Keith was great. He dropped it exactly where I had my cone even cleaned up a bit afterwards to make a neat pile for me. The mulch looks great, and so is my youth garden area now. Definitely be back as a repeat customer because I got tons of projects I’m working on at the American Legion.

 by Google Review by Brian G.
Very professional, courteous and personable
City & State: Catonsville, MD

Ennis delivered 2 tons of 57 STONE - GRAY × 1 to me today. Did a great job maneuvering the truck to dump the stone on the tarp in the driveway. Very professional, courteous and personable. Thank you.

 by Google Review by Eric M.
Great product at a reasonable price
City & State: Mt. Airy, MD

Have used this company several times and they have great product at a reasonable price. Got Mulch and garden soil delivered on one truck. The driver Ennis did a fantastic job and was able to perfectly place both piles at the top of the driveway without blocking the garage! 5 Stars!!

 by Google Review by Susan E.
Great job
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Ennis delivered 3 yards of garden soil to me today. Did a great job maneuvering the truck to dump the dirt in the yard. Very professional, courteous and motivated to please the customer and do a good job. Thank you.

 by Google Review by Phillip G.
Great experience
City & State: Elkridge, MD

They did a great job with garden soil delivery, even during the super busy spring season. Had a great experience on the phone and Ennis was great about calling in advance and being super friendly and did a great job with the delivery! Will use them again!

 by Google Review by Creative Capes
Couldn't be happier
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

Michael delivered my firewood and mulch today and I couldn’t be happier. He arrive on time and was friendly and professional. He called ahead to give me a 10 minutes heads up and listened to my requests regarding where to offload the wood and the mulch. He dropped the loads with precision on my driveway, not wasting a speck of mulch! Thank you MD Landscape for providing quality landscaping materials to us over the years and employing professional staff throughout every facet of your business.

 by Google review by Marcy E.
Excellent customer service
City & State: Laurel, MD

Super friendly and excellent customer service!

 by Google Review by John A.
Terrific experience
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I recently needed five tons of stone as part of a shed foundation, and had a terrific experience purchasing it from Maryland Landscape Supply. Ethan and Alexis in the yard made my multiple pick-ups (one ton at a time) an incredibly easy process. They were both friendly, courteous, and took care of me lickity-split each time.

 by Google Review by Jon and Kait
Customer service is great
City & State: Catonsville, MD

We have used Maryland Landscape Supply for the firewood which heats our home for the past two years, usually buying a cord at a time. The wood has always been dry, we have almost always had a delivery the day after we call, and the customer service is great. As an example, today's driver Mike managed to position a cord of wood out the back of a dump truck perfectly in the corner of a driveway without hitting the garage, blocking the path that was shoveled through the snow to our wood piles, or accidentally hitting the snow. Fantastic aim, Mike!

 by Google Review by Darryl R.
Truly appreciate working with this company
City & State: Laurel, MD

I truly appreciate working with this company. Everyone is helpful and friendly. I've worked with them on different projects and recently purchased firewood from them. I got a chance to met the owner and his sons, FYI they're in the pictures posted on the website. They also got a chance to meet my dog Hyena, when I went to pickup the firewood.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who might need their help to complete their projects.

 by Google Review by Darlene B.
Outstanding experience
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Outstanding experience from initial call to delivery! Wood quality is outstanding, lights quickly and burns HOT!

 by Google Review by Cliff N.
Very pleased
City & State: Hanover, MD

I have been using Maryland Landscape for at least 14 years. We have always great customer service and supplies. We have not had any problems with the various landscaping supplies we have ordered. I just ordered a cord of firewood. Alexis was easy to work with and made ordering quick and easy. On delivery day Mike was very professional and friendly. He had contacting us before delivery and provided excellent service. The firewood stackers with Randle were very efficient, professional and perfectly stacked the wood where I had specified. They also cleaned up the delivery area. Sweet!

Overall, we have been very pleased with Maryland Landscape Supply and have been very happy with the great service, experience they have always provided to us. Mahalo!

 by Google Review by Tim T.
Great company that you can count on
City & State: Clarksville, MD

I have been getting my firewood and other landscape needs from Maryland Lanscape Supply for several years and have never been disappointed in the quality of the materials, or the professional and friendly service from the staff. Recently when I needed some help with an order, Alexis provided all of the courtesy and assistance to make everything perfect. Thank you so much for a great company that you can count on!

 by Google Review by David S.
On time and at a good price
City & State: Gambrills, MD

Delivered 12 dump truck loads of screened topsoil on time and at a good price.

 by Google Review by Brenda S.
Really impressed with the customer service
City & State: Elkridge, MD

We needed firewood for our new fire pit, and I found this company with stellar reviews. Now I know why! This morning I wanted to drop in for some bags of firewood, and called to check the directions. After the recording, I did not leave a message, but in a few minutes I received a callback anyway! The three people who helped me—Ethan, Sally and Alexa—were all incredibly helpful and friendly. I am really impressed with the customer service here.

 by Google Review by Christy E.
Always go above and beyond
City & State: Jessup, MD

I have been using Maryland Landscape for several years. They always go above and beyond when delivering truck loads. Starting with their employees who answer the phones to the yard manager loading trucks and then to the delivery drivers. They exceed my expectations every time! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

 by Google Review by Meghan H.
Super communicative and courteous
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Our mulch was delivered on time and exactly where we wanted it. Keith was super communicative and courteous.

 by Google Review by April U.
Provided great service
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

This company provided great service. They were on time when they said they would deliver. They had a great price. The delivery driver was very kind and did a good job at trying to put the mulch exactly where I wanted it. And they were fast — It only took a few days between ordering and delivery. I highly recommend them.

 by Google Review by Jerlene S.
Well done to them
City & State: Columbia, MD

Maryland landscape supply was more than accommodating. They fit my schedule perfectly, and delivered the mulch quickly and efficiently. And they got it as close as they could to the location that I needed. Well done to them!

 by Google Review by Anthony K.
I can’t recommend them enough
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Exceptionally friendly staff, easy to work with, and quick to get you loaded up. Seems like a very well run small business. I can’t recommend them enough.

 by Google Review by Fred L.
Wonderful job
City & State: Elkridge, MD

April 17, 2023: Just wanted to mention that JOHNNY arrived early and delivered 8 yards of mulch right on the spot where I asked him to drop it. He did a wonderful job and was extremely pleasant. Give him a bonus.

August 21, 2023: Brett delivered 6 yards of mulch yesterday. He was very pleasant and unloaded the mulch in the perfect spot which he recommended. Another great job by MLS. Give Brett a bonus

 by Google Review by Patty H.
Very professional
City & State: Beltsville, MD

Johnny the delivery driver was very accommodating, prompt and courteous! Very professional!

 by Google Review by Eric E.
Great service
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Great service from the call center and Johnny who did a great job delivering to our driveway!

 by Google Review by Kelly P.
Will recommend to all my friends
City & State: Elkridge, MD

This place is great! I talked to one of the employees about what type of soil I should use to fill in several holes where trees were removed in my yard. They knew exactly what I needed and loaded up my truck bed. The entire process was quick and easy. The employees are very friendly and I will recommend this business to all my friends around the area!

 by Google Review by Kate F.
Their customer service and products are top notch
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Alexis was great to work with in setting up our order - she listened to our needs and made helpful suggestions. We placed our order on Friday afternoon and they were able to deliver it Saturday 9 AM! Johnny called before his arrival, had a wonderful attitude, was respectful of our property, and even interacted with our little kiddos when they tried to get his attention 😀

This was our third year ordering from this company since we moved into our forever home and we will continue to be loyal customers for many more years. Their customer service and products are top notch - you won't be disappointed!!

 by Google Review by Patricia L.
Fast to deliver and fair price
City & State: Clarksville, MD

I’ve been using Maryland Landscape Supply for 10 years. They’re fast to deliver mulch or garden soil (or gravel) and at a fair price. This delivery, my driver Johnny, after backing down a 300’ narrow driveway, expertly dumped my 3 yards of soil perfectly where I wanted it. #dumptruckskills.

 by Google Review by C-Los R.
Excellent service
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I am happy to report that our recent order with Maryland Landscape Supply was delivered promptly and efficiently. The topsoil arrived at our location just two hours after we placed the order. Johnny, who completed the delivery, provided excellent service. Overall, we are very pleased with Maryland Landscape Supply and the service they have provided us.

 by Google Review by Michael D.
Great prices and service
City & State: Bethesda, MD

Had my mulch delivered by Johnny--I was given a notice in advance, and got quick and experienced delivery quickly and without a hitch. Thank you MD Landscape Supply--great prices and service!

 by Google Review by Amber F.
Easy, fast and reasonably priced
City & State: Laurel, MD

MD landscaping has been the easiest part of my patio project! I wasn't home when they delivered, but Johnny called and made sure he knew right where to put the dirt. Easy, fast, and reasonably priced! What more could you ask for?

 by Google Review by Matthew G.
Fantastic to work with
City & State: Sparks, MD

Great and easy solution for bulk mulch delivery. Within 24 hours, I placed the order and Jonny came and delivered exactly where I asked and was fantastic to work with! This is my third year using them, no issues at all.

 by Google Review by Ellen E.
Excellent product, pricing, service, and delivery
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Excellent product, pricing, service, and delivery. Johnny delivered all 9 cu yd of mulch in exactly the right spot without driving on our newly asphalted driveway.

 by Google Review by Jessica M.
Great customer service
City & State: Elkridge, MD

MD Landscape Supply has provided great service during every order I’ve placed in the last four years. Their website is clear with helpful photos of the products, the staff who answer the phones are super helpful as you figure out exactly what you need, and the delivery drivers are careful and friendly. My recent order was delivered by Johnny; from the phone call telling me he was on his way to his efficient and cautious drop-off, Johnny provided great customer service.

 by Google Review by Patrick T.
Very personable and timely
City & State: Great price

Great price and Johnny P. is very personable and timely with delivery, even on a rainy day.

 by Google Review by Kelly M.
Really impressed
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Johnny hit the spot! Great driver, especially considering the nightmare of traffic and the difficulties of this particular delivery. Johnny really impressed!

 by Google Review by Li Li
Great experience
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

Great experience with the ordering and delivery. Customer service was easy and friendly. Johnny delivered the ordered mulch on time and to the designated places we want. We will definitely recommend this service to friends. Thank you!

 by Google Review by Chris R.
Highly recommend
City & State: Sykesville, MD

Great communication from delivery driver Johnny. Placed mulch in the perfect spot and right on time. Highly recommend this company.

 by Google Review by Andy S.
Never been disappointed
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I've been buying mulch from here for years, and never been disappointed. Just got my delivery today (earlier than expected) from Johnny who was super friendly and considerate, and dropped it right where I wanted it!

 by Google Review by Tom S.
Delivered perfectly
City & State: Laurel, MD

Johnny from MD Landscape Supply delivered 5 yards of drainage rock onto my driveway onto a tarp perfectly!

 by Google Review by Jen D.
Very easy process
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Johnny delivered our mulch and it was a very easy process. We’ve used this company every Spring for a few years.

 by Google Review by Tyler B.
Great service
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Great service. Ordered mulch at 9am and it was delivered less than 5 hours later. Johnny placed the mulch exactly where I asked and even provided photos showing that the delivery had been completed since I was not home. Highly recommend.

 by Google Review by Thomas K.
Outstanding job
City & State: Bowie, MD

My experience with Maryland Landscape Supply was great. From the minute I called them inquiring about getting mulch & delivery, they were so polite on the phone and gave me the info I needed, ended after calling several other places for mulch, I went with Maryland Landscape, price was better and we could get next day delivery. The delivery driver Johnny called me an half hour before he arrived like they said he would and when he arrived he was very courteous and friendly and he made sure he got all the 16 yds of mulch on our turnaround parking pad. Johnny and Maryland Landscape Supply did an outstanding job and we will definitely use them again! Thanks so much.

 by Google Review by AJ's Lawn an Landscape
Can't recommend this company enough
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

Our company has been using Maryland Landscape Supply for the past 2 years for all landscape materials we may need. Awesome customer service over the phone, friendly yard managers, and great delivery drivers. I had an especially great experience on one of my recent deliveries with a delivery driver by the name of Johnny. He was right on time, communicated with my effectively, and was very friendly to talk to. Can't recommend this company enough!

 by Google Review by David W.
Service was awesome
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I ordered from Maryland Landscape Supply and they did same day delivery on 14 yards of mulch. Prices were competitive and the service was awesome. Johnny my delivery driver called ahead of time and met me in the driveway to confirm the drop location. He was polite to me and my kids and even warned us about the potential loud noise so as not to startle the kids while they watched. I would order from them again.

 by Google Review by Chris W.
A+, will order again
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I order 12 yards of much every year. This was my first time using these folks. The mulch was dropped perfectly in my driveway, none got on the grass. The double shredded mulch is really nice, not a lot of dirt or rocks in it, no trash. I bring this up as I have had some mediocre mulches delivered by the competition in the area. A+, will order again!

 by Google Review by Joe M.
Worth every penny
City & State: Fulton, MD

I just had a substantial delivery to my acre courtesy of Johnny, one of the friendliest people you could ever meet. I had a split load and he had no problems dumping in two separate spots with expert accuracy. A+ worth every penny.

 by Google Review by Victoria K.
Great service and value
City & State: Beltsville, MD

Ordered 6 yards of the natural mulch to be delivered to my house over the phone. Process was easy and I could get delivery as soon as the next day. Johnny, the delivery driver called 15 minutes before arriving at my house and delivered the mulch where I requested and texted me photos as proof of delivery. Great service and value, I will definitely order from Maryland Landscape Supply next year.

 by Google Review by G F
Excellent company
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Excellent company to order your landscape materials from. They were great to deal with, reasonably priced, and delivery was super fast - the same day as I ordered. Johnny did a perfect job of unloading exactly where it needed to go, with a big smile on his face.

 by Google Review by Ryan T.
Very nice and answered all of my questions
City & State: Jessup, MD

Ordering over the phone was really easy and the person taking the order was very nice and answered all of my questions. On the delivery day the driver Andy gave me a call to let me know he was on his way, much appreciated. When he got here he was great, I have a driveway with lower lines across it. He was patient and figured out a way to get it done. Thanks Andy!

 by Google Review by Dustin A.
Professional and friendly
City & State: Columbia, MD

First time ordering dirt and it was very easy and straightforward. Miscalculated on our end so we need to order more for the rest of the garden. The delivery driver, Johnny was very professional and friendly! Our driveways is difficult (we’ve had two different FedEx drivers end up stuck in the grass) but Johnny kept his truck on the pavement and dropped the dirt exactly where we needed it! Great price, service, and experience! Thank you!

 by Google Review by Abby D.
Good quality and a fair price
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Johnny was very nice and helpful. I appreciate that he dumped all the mulch near the gate at the top of my sloped driveway so I won’t have to drag it all up the hill myself! My boys (1 and 4) really appreciated seeing the dump truck up close and in action too.

The soil and mulch themselves are good quality and a fair price. I appreciate that this company stores most of its products indoors as I suspect I will see fewer pests in the soil than from the bags I usually buy at Home Depot.

 by Google Review by Walt S.
Great experience
City & State: Laurel, MD

Great experience from order to delivery (Johnny)

 by Google Review by Rich P.
Excellent service
City & State: Jessup, MD

High quality mulch and excellent service. Johnny was great. He communicated his delivery time and left the mulch right where I asked and cleaned up any spillage. I would order from them again.

 by Google Review by Jack T.
City & State: Bowie, MD

I use Maryland Landscape Supply every year for my lawn and garden projects. The quality, communication, and price are all exceptional. Their drivers all excel at customer service. Our last delivery driver, Johnny reaffirmed my opinion of the company by showing the same care and respect with which I have grown accustomed.

 by Google Review by John M.
Great mulch
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Keith, with Maryland Landscape Supply delivered a load of mulch and dropped it right where we needed it! Great mulch. Thanks for the good work!

Johnny made a delivery for me this time and did the trick. Thanks!

 by Google Review by Jameson P.
Great experience
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Great experience ordering playmat for a home playground. Material is soft and was clean of debris and large chunks. Color is very natural

Flat rate delivery is the way to go. We had 10 cu yards, so it saved me 5-6 loads in my pickup. Delivery driver Johnny was top notch, he managed to get up our narrow driveway and drop the material as close as possible. Very satisfied with the delivery service.

 by Google Review by Matt C.
Excellent experience
City & State: Fulton, MD

Excellent experience all around. Friendly service, mulch delivered the next day. Johnny did a great job placing the mulch exactly where we needed it dropped. Will use again.

 by Google Review by Joseph C.
Excellent service and very professional
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Completely satisfied with the load of top soil I received. The process of ordering was easy and delivered on time. Johnny Peña provided excellent service and very professional. I would definitely order materials here again.

 by Google Review by Alayna C.
City & State: Laurel, MD

Johnny was wonderful! Communicated with us on our delivery (10 cubic yards of garden soil), came on time and with a positive attitude, and left our soil right where we needed it. Will definitely be ordering from Maryland Landscape Supply in the future!

 by Google Review by Gayle G.
Very professional and personable
City & State: Chevy Chase, MD

Great place to get mulch! Johnny delivered the mulch on time and was amazing. Very professional and personable! Will be ordering from here again!

 by Google Review by Maura B.
Very satisfied
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

This was my first time ordering mulch from Maryland Landscape Supply. Very satisfied with the quality of the mulch I ordered and awesome delivery by Johnny!

 by Google Review by Chris H.
Great experience
City & State: Columbia, MD

Great experience, cost of material was cheaper then other places and the delivery driver Johnny was very polite and placed the gravel right where I wanted it. I will be getting all my landscaping materials from Maryland landscaping supply. Thank you

 by Google Review by Frank C.
Friendly service
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Johnny was great! Friendly service and even helped me shovel!

 by Google Review by Aschalew B.
Very professional, friendly and a courteous
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

This is the best landscaping supply service. I called and visited the site to see what kind of rocks they have. They have different kinds of soil, mulch, gravel and river rocks. The owner of the business showed me around and help me decide the kind of rock to use around my house’s foundation. I ordered on Friday afternoon and was not sure if it could be delivered same day. But the delivery man Johnny was amazing. He called me within 2 hours after my order and told me he has loaded his truck and my and is on his way to my address. He called me again that he is arriving shortly. He was very professional, friendly and a courteous man. Checks around before he unloaded the truck. He helped me cover the driveway with tarp and unloaded perfectly. Very happy with service. I will definitely come back and also recommend this business.

 by Google Review by David S.
Highly recommended
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Ordered 12 yds soil, 5 yds wood chips yesterday afternoon. Very easy over the phone, great customer service. Johnny delivered it the following morning and was fantastic, easing any concerns I had and getting the delivery exactly where I wanted it.

Will definitely order from MD Landscape Supply again in the future, highly recommended.

 by Google Review by Panshi W.
Highly recommend
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Johnny from MD landscape supply delivered mulch on time, per instructions and cleaned up spilled mulch. Highly recommend.

 by Google Review by Doug L.
Prompt and courteous delivery
City & State: Jessup, MD

Thank you, Johnny, for a prompt and courteous delivery!

 by Google Review by Paul D.
Professional and pleasant
City & State: Beltsville, MD

Johnny delivered mulch to our house and did an expert job. He was professional and pleasant. We've got a long driveway and put the mulch right where we wanted it. He missed the basketball hoop, too, which makes our son happy.

 by Google Review by Magnetos M.
Customer service was excellent
City & State: Elkridge, MD

Jonny delivered my supplies it was on time customer service was excellent.

 by Google Review by Dan H.
Fast, Courteous and fairly priced
City & State: Elkridge, MD

MD landscape and supply was fast courteous and fairly priced. I ordered a chord of seasoned oak wood and it was at my doorstep 2 days later in this busy holiday season. They sent out 1 guy and he stacked in my chosen location of the garage perfectly as I did not have a wood rack. I was concerned it would look poorly stacked as it is a large amount of wood. John did an amazing job making it look perfect in record time and was very attentive to our needs. Great work Md supply I will order from you every year. And thank you John have a very merry Xmas!

 by Google Review by Charles H.
Efficient, prompt, and reasonably priced
City & State: Elkridge, MD

I'm very pleased with the service I have received from Maryland Landscape Supply. They are efficient, prompt, and reasonably priced, with a large range of products and vehicle sizes, to get what you need, where you need it. Johnny was awesome today, delivering my load of chips at the end of my parking pad, without hurting any bushes.

 by Google Review by Lloyd C.
Great job delivering our order
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

Johny from Maryland Landscape Supply did a great job delivering our order on time and efficiently to both locations today. He was able to place mulch where needed to ensure we were able to provide efficient service for our clients.

 by Google Review by Bahirah
Will definitely order again
City & State: Clarksville, MD

Was super easy to place and pay for an order of 7 cubic yards of garden soil. It was delivered within two days. My super courteous driver, Johnny gave me a heads up call and made multiple adjustments to deliver my order on designated spot on my yard. I will definitely order again!!

 by Google Review by NV P.
Very helpful and took extra care
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

This is the second time we ordered stone from MLS and the delivery was great! Johnny was very helpful and took extra care to be sure not to damage any of our low hanging overhead wires. Thank you.

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